08/08 2011
06/29 2011

give her a FACIAL

to give yourself a homeade facial, step one is to go out partying, looking smashing…

step 2 is to accidentally sleep with a full face of makeup on. 


1.wash your face using mild face cleanser (i like cetaphil).

2.clean your face with astringent (i use cooled green or mint tea).


3.steam your face over a big bowl of steaming water. i like to add tangerine and eucalyptus oil to my hot water.

4.nourish your face w/ a mask (my favourite mask recipe is: mashed up avocado, banana, and a teaspoon of honey all purred up together).

…do something nice for yourself while the mask sits for 20 or so minutes.  maybe some hot tea???…..

5.rinse your face with warm water, removing the mask with a soft washcloth.

6.exfoliate your face, using very gentle circles with the pads of your fingertips in an upward motion.  i use flaxseed mixed with a gentle facial cleanser as a scrub.

7.after you’ve patted your face dry, moisturize with your favourite face lotion.

Voila! clean fresh face. make the boys droooool….

06/29 2011
apocalipstick featured in some magazine! wooo!

apocalipstick featured in some magazine! wooo!

06/13 2011

50 sense

50 cents will buy you a 15 minute call on a payphone

50 cents will get you a lollipop at a liqour store

50 cents will buy you less than 1/6 of a gallon of gas

50 cents will get you a sweet sugary donut at your local shop

50 cents will buy you a small burrito sometimes at a fast food place

50 cents will not buy your phone bill, your rent,

your credit card, your car insurance, your dental bill,

or your pride back after you are forced to ask for help

when you don’t want to. 

livin the dream….

when i walk thru the valley of the girls and my breath

i realize whats comin is out of commonwealth

happiness is swallowed with the truth of filth

whats included when you leave home is proof of all will

06/06 2011

S’mookies and s’mores

Monday’s prayer

Make a s’more this summer with a chocolate chip cookie instead of a Graham cracker. It’s called a s’mookie and it’s as good as u think it’d be.

Much love,
Wendy Jean

06/05 2011

awesome song thx snaf

06/05 2011

awesome song thx snaf

05/16 2011

Monday’s prayer

Enjoy everyone. Don’t let the use of the word “god” throw u. Just replace it in your mind with the acronym “good orderly direction” like I do, If it pleases you to do so :)



05/16 2011

against self cruelty

photo by jack attack.


"you’ve drained your resources

you’ve skinned your pride

swallowed your feelings

nowhere left to hide

if you’ve got to cry

go outside

if you’ve go to try

go for the ride

nobody’s waiting to hear those words

discomfort w/in can

produce song birds”

……this weekend was great. played a decently tight gig w/ apocalipstick in stupid boring fullerton, ca, hung out with cute boys, family, ran my business like a mofo, and took the time to relax.  the coming week consists of more apartment hunting, work, and working on music. 


"Don’t be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it’s just death.”  - Lena Horne

Apocalipstick in Vegas.

this RECIPE is bomb, i made it up in the kitchen the other day. try it out!

heat up some extra virgin olive oil in a wok or skillet, then throw in some mushrooms and fresh green beans.  flavor with soy sauce, black pepper, and vinagarette (i used pear and basil balsamic).  lastly, squeeze some sort of citrus all over it and add water chestnuts for crunch.  yum!


hell yeah.  SHOUT OUT to producer snafu and robo for keepin me company late nite status on the phone this weekend.  whatchu know about musikal roots, zaaahhh?

me snoozin’ w/ chub cub snafu.

much love,

wendy jean

05/05 2011

just breathe

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